STFM is proud to present the new STFM President’s Podcast, a quarterly series hosted by Tricia Elliott, MD, dedicated to conversations about academic medicine at the intersection of anti-racism and health equity efforts across the nation. Our first episode, “Being Black in Medicine,” goes straight to the core of the experience of being a Black medical student and a Black physician in this time of national change.

Future episodes will appear quarterly, and will cover the URM physician pipeline, dialogues about health equity, and the unique experiences of Black women in leadership. As Tricia Elliott said in her recent letter to the STFM membership, “Now is the time to join together to find ways to battle hate through meaningful and thoughtful dialogue and inclusive leadership.”

We recently released a series hosted by Brian Hischier celebrating family medicine educators who rose to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by redesigning health systems, inventing new ways to train learners, and providing the best possible care to patients.

Our regular episodes, hosted by Saria Carter Saccocio, feature interviews with family medicine leaders. These episodes give listeners insight into pivotal experiences that have led to opportunities for personal growth and the development of leadership skills during times when healthcare professionals are addressing:

  • Motivation and Mentorship
  • Burnout and Transitions
  • Milestones and Meaning
  • Barriers and Bureaucracy

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