Virtual Coaching Program

STFM Virtual Coaching Program

Ever wish you could get one-on-one advice or guidance from someone you respect and think you could learn from-even when you may not know them personally? Are you missing the opportunity to connect with like-minded people that have similar challenges and knowledge to share because conferences and in-person events have been canceled or transitioned to virtual delivery? Would your understanding of a particular topic or concept be so much clearer if you could just pick someone's brain?

This members only program is designed to connect STFM members anywhere in the world for brief, interactive coaching experiences that can help:

  • solve a challenging problem
  • receive feed
    back on a process or project
  • identify and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Family medicine educators can connect and learn from colleagues from all career stages in the areas of scholarship, career development, leadership, teaching, wellness/work-life balance, and community engagement.  

Connections are made through self-matching and are intended to be short interactions. Coaching relationships might range from a phone call, a video meeting, or an exchange of several emails over a short period of time. 

How it Works

  • Learners set up a profile to share who they are and to show Coaches what they need help with. 
  • Coaches set up a profile to share who they are and show Learners their areas of expertise or knowledge.
  • An individual can be both a Learner and a Coach.
  • Learners search the profiles of Coaches who have the experience, background, and knowledge they are looking for.
  • Learner reach out to potential Coaches by sending them a request to see if they're the right Coach to help them with their specific need or question. 
  • Once a match has occurred, the Learner and Coach will schedule a video meeting or phone call. The relationship may go on after the initial connection for as long as the Coach and Learner decide.
  • Once the coaching relationship is complete, either the Learner or the Coach can mark the relationship as finished. By doing so, this allows the Coach to be available for another learner.
  • Coaches can indicate in their profile how many engagements with Learners they are willing to take on at once and Learners can connect with multiple Coaches during the same time period
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