Family Physicians Join Push to Reform Primary Care Payment and Regulation

December 31, 2020—The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) has joined with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and five other organizations, representing more than 400,000 primary care physicians nationwide, to take a stand and advocate for major reform in primary care payment and regulation. We want to provide hope to all family physicians by promoting this stance and its supporting evidence with the incoming administration and other policy makers, health care administrators, employers, payers and patients. Read our joint statement here. The full statement is here.

We are acutely aware of the extraordinary pressure that family physicians are under right now—from the resurgence of COVID-19, keeping primary care practices financially viable, obtaining appropriate PPE, administering vaccinations, and rethinking residency education in family medicine. For these reasons, and more, we believe now is the time to push for major change. The impact of COVID-19 will last much longer than the virus and we must act now to secure the foundation of health care for our patients and communities.

Our colleagues at the AAFP, Dr. Ada Stewart, FAAFP President, and Dr. Shawn Martin, Executive Vice President and CEO,  will be leading the legislative advocacy work on this very important topic.  We need you to join us as we engage the Biden transition team and many others in Washington and around the country. Sign on here.


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