Past STFM Presidents

2018-2019    Beat Steiner, MD, MPH
2017-2018    Stephen Wilson, MD, MPH
2016–2017    Melly Goodell, MD
2015–2016    Mary Nolan Hall, MD
2014–2015    Sam Cullison, MD
2013–2014    John Saultz, MD
2012–2013    Jerry Kruse, MD, MSPH
2011–2012    Jeri Hepworth, PhD
2010–2011    Perry Dickinson, MD

2009–2010    Terrence Steyer, MD
2008–2009    Scott Fields, MD, MHA
2007–2008    John Rogers, MD, MPH, MEd
2006–2007    Caryl Heaton, DO
2005–2006    William Mygdal, EdD
2004–2005    Jeannette South-Paul, MD
2003–2004    Carlos Moreno, MD, MSPH
2002–2003    Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH
2001–2002    Denise Rodgers, MD
2000–2001    Stephen Bogdewic, PhD

1999–2000    Elizabeth Burns, MD, MA
1998–1999    John Frey III, MD
1997–1998    Joseph Hobbs, MD
1996–1997    Macaran Baird, MD, MS
1995–1996    Katherine Krause, MD
1994–1995    Janet Townsend, MD
1993–1994    Richard Holloway, PhD
1992–1993    Robert Davidson, MD, MPH
1991–1992    Marjorie Bowman, MD, MPA
1990–1991    Alan David, MD

1989–1990    David Schmidt, MD*
1988–1989    Jack Colwill, MD
1987–1988    Jonathan Rodnick, MD*
1986–1987    Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH
1985–1986    L. Thomas Wolff, MD
1984–1985    H. Thomas Wiegert, MD
1983–1984    John Arradondo, MD, MPH
1982–1983    Thomas Leaman, MD*
1981–1982    F. Marian Bishop, PhD, MSPH*
1980–1981    Edward Shahady, MD
1979–1980    William Kane, MD

(*) Deceased

1979–1980    William Kane, MD
1978–1979    Theodore Phillips, MD
1977–1978    L. Robert Martin, MD*
1975–1977    Edward Ciriacy, MD*
1973–1975    G. Gayle Stephens, MD*
1971–1973    Leland Blanchard, MD*
1969–1971    Lynn Carmichael, MD*

(*) Deceased

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September 9: Call for proposals for the STFM Annual Spring Conference closes

September 9: Call for applications for the STFM Program Assessment Chair closes

September 13: Call for applications for the Task Force to Develop Guidelines for Protected Non-Clinical Time for Faculty closes 

September 13: Call for applications for Work Group Leaders for URM Initiative closes

September 15: Last day to submit curriculum for the National Clerkship Curriculum

September 17: Deadline to apply for the Advocacy Scholarship for New Faculty

October 1: Applications due for STFM/MEDICC Trip to Cuba