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Bright Light: David Henderson, MD

STFM Member David Henderson, MD is an associate professor, chair for the Department of Family Medicine, and associate dean for Multicultural and Community Affairs at UCONN Health. Prior to joining the faculty he worked for a year as a physician volunteer in a rural hospital in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He also worked part time as a physician volunteer at Charter Oak Terrace Community Health Center in Hartford for two years.

Dave's Story

by David Henderson, MD

STFM has been home since my early days as a faculty member. Along with my initial faculty development training, STFM has provided many opportunities for informal interactions with colleagues outside my department. This combination of experiences was instrumental in facilitating my academic advancement. STFM colleagues saw potential that I did not see in myself and provided opportunities to help me grow toward self-efficacy – from being a brand-new member to serving on the program committee, and ultimately having an opportunity to join the Board as a member-at-large.

I have much for which to thank STFM, including leadership opportunities across a diverse range of experiences. From being a clerkship director, a student affairs dean, and a diversity dean to my current role as chair of the department that provided my residency training, I cannot imagine an organization being more supportive that STFM has been to me.

During my time in student affairs, I developed the habit of writing and sharing haiku with students.The haiku below is demonstrative of my connection to STFM.

Just a mother’s son

Running as fast as he can

Gone before the wind

STFM has long been the wind at my back.

Paying It Forward

What we do every day is a privilege, and I believe we should fully embrace the obligation to expand the impact of individual success. It is important to provide shoulders on which others may stand, and to reach back and provide a hand up for those who need it. We can do this individually, and collectively through our participation in STFM. As a member, I think it is also important to support the organization that has done so much for me.

How You Can Help 

Transforming the future of family medicine would not be possible without the generosity of Dave Henderson, MD, and countless other STFM members and supporters. Through both member and departmental donations, the STFM Foundation is able to support STFM's priority to develop the pipeline for academic family medicine. 

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