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June 2008

Volume 40, Issue 6

Letters to the Editor

Still Fighting Rubella

Pre-pregnancy Fitness Levels and Delivery Outcomes

President's Column

What You Do Matters and What We Do Matters—An Agenda for the Upcoming Year

Lessons From Our Learners

Samuel, I Thank You

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

I've Got Mail

Residency Education

Outcomes of a Pharmacotherapy/Research Rotation in a Family Medicine Training Program

"Bashing" of Medical Specialties: Students' Experiences and Recommendations

Clinical Research and Methods

To BATHE or Not to BATHE: Patient Satisfaction With Visits to Their Family Physician

Health Services Research

Evaluating Multivariate Risk Scores for Clinical Decision Making

Evidence-based and Patient-centered Care: Results From an STFM Group Project

Medical Informatics

A Training Intervention to Improve Information Management in Primary Care

Essays and Commentaries

Defining Basic Health Benefits: Lessons Learned From the Oregon Health Plan

Book Reviews

Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profession, and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Truth About Health Care: Why Reform Is Not Working in America

A Second Opinion: Rescuing America's Health Care

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