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STFM National Clerkship Curriculum Call for Submissions

The STFM National Clerkship Curriculum accepts submissions of innovative, successful, inspiring, and/or efficient curricular pieces used in clerkships.  Calls for Submissions are conducted in the Spring (Deadline March 15) and the Fall (deadline September 15).

Submissions are peer reviewed and those that are accepted are published on the National Clerkship Curriculum Website Curricula Page

Submissions are accepted in the following curricular focus areas:

  • Principles of Family Medicine
  • Core Presentations for Acute Care
  • Core Presentations for Chronic Diseases
  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
  • Role of Family Medicine

Authors are credited for their work. Authors are expected to regularly update their curricular materials accepted to the National Clerkship Curriculum. Curriculum that is not updated will be removed from the site.

Submissions are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Contains all essential elements for replication in another setting. Learner assessment tools must be included to be considered.
  • Can be easily replicated entirely or in part, in other clerkships of varying size and structure.
  • Can be placed in the public domain.
  • Does not contain proprietary or sensitive information.
  • Content is likely to remain current, or require minimal updates, for at least 3 years.
  • Expected submission length is 3-5 pages plus appendices/accompanying resources.

Please review the following before submitting curricular materials:







Questions? Email NCC Editor, Anne Rutter, MD, at

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