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Residency Accreditation Toolkit

Use this resource to get tips, techniques, and tools to help your program meet ACGME accreditation requirements. Streamline processes, train your faculty, empower your residency coordinator, use technology for accreditation support, and create a culture of assessment and performance improvement. 

This resource is free to STFM members. AFMRD members, create an online account and receive access for just $75. Non-members can purchase access for $250

The User's Guide to the Residency Accreditation Toolkit is a PDF booklet that serves as a quick-start guide to highlight the most immediately useful sections and tools within the resource. Each page contains a brief overview of a topic covered by the toolkit and provides active links to take you straight to the most helpful pages of content within the resource. Click on the image to download the User's Guide for the toolkit. 

Toolkit Topics: 

Milestones/Resident Assessment

Become more familiar with competency-based education and implement new strategies to teach and assess residents.

Program Accreditation

Make sure you understand program requirements, and begin the process of annual reporting and continuous improvement.

Institutional Accreditation

The expectations for engagement of leadership at the institutional level have substantially increased. Learn what has changed and what needs to be done to prepare your organization for the updated accreditation processes at an institutional level.

Faculty Development

Make sure your faculty have the knowledge and skills to implement the requirements.

General Accreditation Resources

Learn the acronyms and get up to date on Accreditation System terminology.

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