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ACGME Milestones

Each subcompetency has five Milestone levels, which represent the resident education process and graduation into independent practice. According to the ACGME, the definition of each level is as follows:

  • Level 1: The resident demonstrates some of the behaviors or skills that would be expected of someone with some education in family medicine
  • Level 2: The resident demonstrates increased achievement of expected behaviors or skills.
  • Level 3: The resident continues to advance with further achievement of behaviors or skills, and has achieved most of the milestones expected for residency graduation.
  • Level 4: The resident has achieved all of the milestones expected for residency graduation.
  • Level 5: This is an aspirational level of achievement and is expected to be achieved by very few residents prior to graduation. This level equates to someone who has been in independent practice for several years.

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