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ACGME Family Medicine Subcompetencies

Patient Care

  • PC-1. Cares for Acutely Ill or Injured Patients in Urgent and Emergent Situations and in All Settings
  • PC-2. Cares for Patients With Chronic Conditions
  • PC-3. Partners With the Patient, Family, and Community to Improve Health Through Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • PC-4. Partners With the Patient to Address Issues of Ongoing Signs, Symptoms, or Health Concerns That Remain Over Time Without Clear Diagnosis Despite Evaluation and Treatment, in a Patient-Centered, Cost-Effective Manner
  • PC-5. Performs Specialty-Appropriate Procedures to Meet the Health Care Needs of Individual Patients, Families, and Communities, and Is Knowledgeable About Procedures Performed by Other Specialists to Guide Their Patients' Care

Medical Knowledge (MK)

  • MK-1. Demonstrates MK of Sufficient Breadth and Depth to Practice Family Medicine
  • MK-2. Applies Critical Thinking Skills in Patient Care

Systems-Based Practice (SBP)

  • SBP-1. Provides Cost-Conscious Medical Care\
  • SBP-2. Emphasizes Patient Safety
  • SBP-3. Is an Advocate for Individual and Community Health
  • SBP-4. Coordinates Team-Based Care

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI)

  • PBLI-1. Locates, Appraises, and Assimilates Evidence From Scientific Studies Related to the Patients' Health Problems
  • PBLI-2. Demonstrates Self-Directed Learning
  • PBLI-3. Improves Systems in Which the Physician Provides Care

Professionalism (PROF)

  • PROF-1. Completes the Process of Professionalization
  • PROF-2. Demonstrates Professional Conduct and Accountability
  • PROF-3. Demonstrates Humanism and Cultural Proficiency
  • PROF-4. Maintains Emotional, Physical, and Mental Health, and Pursues Continual Personal and Professional Growth

Interpersonal and Communication Skills (C)

  • C-1. Develops Meaningful, Therapeutic Relationships With Patients and Families
  • C-2. Communicates Effectively With Patients, Families, and the Public
  • C-3. Develops Relationships and Effectively Communicates With Physicians, Other Health Professionals, and Health Care Teams
  • C-4. Uses Technology to Optimize Communication

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