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Resources for Medical Schools

STFM National Clerkship Curriculum

Define and develop a more effective third-year clerkship with a new online resource based on the National Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum. The online curriculum includes core content and competencies, learning objectives, assessment tools, educational strategies, and role definitions.

CERA (CAFM Educational Research Alliance)

Meet scholarly activity requirements through CERA, a free resource for medical educational research. With CERA you can survey family medicine educators, receive help from an experienced researcher, and access a clearinghouse of data that your faculty and learners can use to meet scholarly activity requirements.


fmCASES is set of online, virtual patient cases that lead medical students through the full breadth and depth of family medicine. These cases build clinical competency, fill educational gaps, and help instill the core values and attitudes of family medicine. They foster self-directed and independent study, build clinical problem-solving skills, and teach an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to care. The virtual patient cases encompass the learning objectives of the STFM National Clerkship Curriculum.

Leading Change Course

Learn to lead change within your institution, your community, and nationally through a series of 12 free online modules. Complete one course or all twelve.

Medical Student Educators Development Institute

MSEDI is a yearlong comprehensive learning experience to advance careers in medical student education.

Shots Immunization

In addition to the most current immunization recommendations, Shots Immunization includes all of the content included in the annual printed schedules published by the CDC plus supplemental text, graphics, and commentary from immunization experts. Immunization schedules are displayed in an easy-to-navigate format that makes finding the correct information both fast and easy. A product of the STFM Group on Immunization, Shots Immunization is available online and through free mobile applications.

Smiles for Life

Smiles for Life is the nation’s only comprehensive oral health curriculum. Developed by the STFM Group on Oral Health, the online and downloadable curriculum emphasizes the role of primary care clinicians in the promotion of oral health. Each downloadable module includes a 45-minute presentation, annotated presenter notes, companion videos, an implementation guide, ACGME-formatted educational objectives, test questions, and a list of high quality text resources.

STFM Membership Directory (requires membership)

Interact with family medicine educators from across the United States.

STFM Resource Library

This shared, online library contains an extensive collection of resources uploaded by family medicine educators who are tired of “reinventing the wheel” every time they need curriculum or presentations.

Strategies to Ensure that Students Add Value in Outpatient Offices (PDF)

Make sure that community preceptors who teach your students are benefiting from the experience. Share these ideas to ensure that students in outpatient offices add value to the process of caring for patients.

Position Statement and Preceptor Guidelines for Student Use of Electronic Health Records

STFM has created two documents to help preceptors and other educators working with students. The preceptor guidelines help preceptors with EHRs work effectively with students. The position statement assists preceptors and other educators when engaging compliance officers or organizations in discussions about the need for medical students to work meaningfully with electronic medical records.

Recruit, train, and retain preceptors. is an online resource that streamlines training, answers questions, and communicates regularly with preceptors on your behalf. It’s a unique perk for both your program and your preceptors.

Precepting Expansion Initiative

Primary care clerkships are struggling to obtain and retain quality clinical training sites. STFM and other primary care stakeholders are in the midst of a multi-year initiative to  address this threat to the sustainability of America’s medical education system.

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