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 To Participate in a CERA Survey:

  • Watch for an open call for proposals, which is sent to members of ADFM, AFMRD, NAPCRG, and STFM.
  • Read the tips for writing a good proposal.
  • Review the CERA application form.
  • Complete and submit a CERA application. You need to be a member of ADFM, AFMRD, NAPCRG, STFM to apply. You will need to create an account on the STFM website to submit.
  • Limit the number of questions you submit to 10 or fewer. You will also receive the results of the recurring questions. 

How Proposals are Reviewed/Scored:

Proposals are reviewed by at least two researchers. They are assessed according to logistical and technical considerations, as well as to the significance and new knowledge to be yielded. Priority is given to content that is likely to yield a high-quality peer-reviewed publication. Applicants receive brief feedback from reviewers. The applications are evaluated in the following areas:

  • Interest of topic 
  • Background and significance 
  • Is it hypothesis-driven? (PDF) 
  • Quality of questions as written 
  • Is it publishable? 
  • Overall quality of submission

2018/2019 Survey Schedule

Audience Call for Proposals Survey Dates
Program Directors ABFM Special Survey (13) 3/6/18-4/14/18  7/26/18-9/1/18
Program Directors Special Survey
About Wellness/Burnout/Fatigue  (14)
7/23/18-8/30/18  10/31/18-12/14/18 
Program Directors (15) 12/17/18-1/26/19  3/20/19-5/3/19
Clerkship Directors 1/24/19-2/27/19 5/2/19-5/27/19
Department Chairs 4/9/19-5/6/19 7/15/18-8/12/19
Program Directors (16) 5/26/19-6/26/19 9/10/19-10/14/19
General Membership 7/5/19-8/1/19 10/13/19-11/13/19


Expectations for Investigators

If a survey is accepted, investigators are expected to:

  • Have questions formally reviewed and refined by the mentor
  • Include their mentor as an author on the initial publication
  • Turn a draft manuscript in to the mentor within 3 months of receiving the results
  • Present findings at a CAFM organization meeting (strongly encouraged)

Responsibilities of Mentors

CERA Steering Committee mentors:

  • Work with investigators to refine questions
  • Help prepare the manuscripts and abstracts
  • Keep the group moving forward
  • Assist with the data analysis, particularly with the analysis plan

IRB approval

CERA surveys use the American Academy of Family Physician's IRB, a federally approved IRB. Investigators should follow their local IRB policies regarding use of the data.


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