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Aquifer Family Medicine (formerly fmCASES)

A Series of Self-Directed Learning Modules to Build Proficiency in the Core Competencies of Family Medicine


aquifersquareAquifer Family Medicine (formerly fmCASES) is a set of online, virtual patient cases that lead medical students through the full breadth and depth of family medicine. These cases build clinical competency, fill educational gaps, and help instill the core values and attitudes of family medicine. They foster self-directed and independent study, build clinical problem-solving skills, and teach an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to care. The virtual patient cases encompass the learning objectives of the National Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum.

Access free cases on interdisciplinary concepts of high value care, medical home, diagnostic excellence, and oral presentation skills. If your institution does not subscribe to Aquifer (formerly MedU), these courses are still available at no cost through each individual course page.


Aquifer Family Medicine virtual patient cases are developed and administered by Aquifer’s consortium of medical educators. Both institutional and individual subscriptions are available. Learn more about subscription options.

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