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Captain Natalie Branton, DO, Becomes First Graduate of the Residency Faculty Fundamentals Certificate Program


September 8, 2017—Captain Natalie Branton, DO, is the first graduate of STFM’s Residency Faculty Fundamentals Certificate Program. The program, which launched in June, contains 14 self-led courses with assignments that provide foundational training for residency faculty.

Dr Branton completed the program this summer before graduating from  the National Capital Consortium Family Medicine Residency Program at the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and starting her new job there as adjunct faculty. 

“I definitely feel like this program boosted my confidence in being a competent teacher,” she shared. She went on to explain that the assignments reinforced the materials, and the instructor feedback helped her grasp the foundations of teaching and the workings of residency programs.

She spent about 4 hours per day working through the program materials as an elective, while at the same time managing her clinical and administrative duties as a senior resident. “I had tremendous support from our program director in getting enrolled in the course and having it paid for by the hospital. He was also supportive in answering any questions I had along the way while completing my assignments.”

Dr Branton, who has completed several computer-based courses, said she appreciated how this certificate program included a mix of video lectures, quizzes, and assignments, which kept her engaged and focused as she progressed through the courses. 

Dr Branton is one of 67 STFM members who have enrolled in the Residency Faculty Fundamentals Certificate Program, which was created by the STFM Graduate Medical Education Committee and staff, with input from a cadre of authors and subject matter experts. The program covers:

  • The structure and requirements of residency education
  • How to be an effective and efficient faculty member
  • The nuts and bolts of curriculum development and teaching
  • Strategies for assessment, feedback, and remediation of residents

While a few courses are specific to family medicine, most are applicable to faculty of any specialty. To graduate from the program, participants must complete all courses and assignments and pass a final exam within 1 year.

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