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STFM Members Pass New Bylaws

January 24, 2014—The STFM membership passed the proposed bylaws with a 95% majority. A total of 9% of eligible voters participated in the bylaws vote. Thanks to all members who were engaged in the bylaws process through your feedback and your vote. The new bylaws are now in effect and below are the highlights:

  • An expansion of the Nominations Committee from three members to 6 members, which includes the immediate past president, a former Board member, the executive director, and three non-Board members who have been involved in STFM initiatives.

  • A change in the position of secretary-treasurer to treasurer and the designation of the executive director as secretary.

  • An extension of the treasurer’s term from 2 years to 3 years with no opportunity to serve a consecutive second term.

  • A change from contested elections to an uncontested election process for Board officers, the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies representative, and members-at-large.

  • Restructured committees as follows: a) Medical Student Education, b) Graduate Medical Education, c) Research, d) Program, e) Communications, and f) Academic Family Medicine Advocacy .

  • A change in the term of the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies representative from 4 years to a 3 years with eligibility for a consecutive 3-year term.

  • The Student and Resident Representatives to the STFM Board now have voting rights.

Watch the February 15 STFM Messenger for an announcement of our 2014 candidates for the STFM Board of Directors. The announcement will include position statements, biographies, a short video, and answers to questions relevant to family medicine education. All members will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed slate of candidates from March 3-21.  

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions that explains the STFM governance process and how members can become more involved in Society leadership.

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