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President of the Medical Group Management Association to Call on Physicians to Embrace Collaboration

September 11, 2015—Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, CMPE, president and chief executive officer of the Medical Group Management Association, will take the main stage at the 2015 Conference on Practice Improvement and challenge physicians to “stop whining and start leading” health care transformation.

In her keynote presentation, she will teach physicians to overcome the stumbling blocks that prevent them from collaborating to lead transformational change. “The biggest stumbling block is that physicians are well-trained to be independent,” she acknowledges. “All of our lives, from the time we announced we were going to be doctors to this minute, our success—in broad generalities—was predicated on doing better than our peers." She believes that current payment models have reinforced that individualism.

Dr Fischer-Wright will challenge physicians and practice executives to work together to reclaim the future of health care—for themselves and their patients. “We are powerful, but we can only change health care to the extent we collaborate.”

She will share her success stories of medical management innovation and creating cultures of excellence. At St. Anthony North Health Campus where she served as the chief medical officer, she led efforts to use a value-based payment and intrinsic rewards to make care teams feel empowered, valued, and validated. 

Dr Fischer-Wright brings her experience as a management consultant focused on high-performance teams and insights from her New York Times bestselling book, Tribal Leadership.

Her presentation, “Stop Whining, Start Leading: Reclaiming the Future of American Health Care” will be Sunday, December 6, at the Conference on Practice Improvement in Dallas, TX. This conference is a forum for sharing examples of redesign from private practice, academic practice, and public clinics. Register at

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