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Compete in the 2018 Annual Poetry and Prose Contest

November 20, 2017—The STFM Ethics and Humanities Collaborative is excited to announce the 2018 STFM Annual Poetry and Prose Contest. The theme of this year's contest is: "Kairos: opportune moments that have changed your experience and/or perspective in family medicine." 

Entries are limited to one entry for each category. Note this year there are three categories. Prose can be in the form of a story, narrative, or essay and should be limited to 1000 words. Poetry can be in any form but note category three. "Other short writing" can include 55 word stories, haiku, 7 word stories, or cartoons with captions.

First and second place will be awarded for each category. The first and the second place prize in each category is $50 each. Winning pieces will be on display at the 2018 STFM Annual Spring Conference and awardees will have the opportunity to read their works at the Annual Poetry and Prose Reading at the conference. Awardees will also be assisted in submitting their work for publication in Family Medicine and a congratulatory letter will be sent to their Chair.

To be entered into the competition, send your entries as a Word file (not pdf) to Entries are due by 5 pm on March 15.

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