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Amanda Kost, MD, Named 2016 STFM Medical Journalism Fellow

May 27, 2016— Amanda Kost, MD, has been selected for the 2016 STFM Fellowship in Medical Journalism. Her fellowship starts in June and goes until May 2017.

“I hope to learn the ins and outs of the editorial process,” said Dr Kost, explaining what she looks forward to learning during her yearlong fellowship. “I’ve been on the author side and on the reviewer side, but really want to see what goes on behind the scenes to curate and create each issue of Family Medicine.”

Designed for new faculty, the STFM Fellowship in Medical Journalism provides a 1-year experience in medical journalism with the editorial and publishing teams at Family Medicine. Fellows improve their skills in writing, reviewing, and editing scientific papers during the fellowship; these scholarly skills make them better teachers and leaders.

“Our editorial fellowship continues to receive outstanding applicants and this year, Dr Amanda Kost was selected from a group of finalists chosen by the STFM Communications Committee,” said John Saultz, editor of Family Medicine. “Dr Kost has already published papers in our journal and has an exceptional record of educational scholarship as part of her work at the University of Washington. Our editorial team looks forward to working with her in the coming year.”

When asked what inspired her to apply for the fellowship, Dr Kost replied, “First, I'm interested in increasing the methodological rigor of educational research, particularly as it relates to family medicine and primary care. Second, I really love writing and want to help others in family medicine communicate and disseminate their ideas. Good writing can be elusive, and I'm interested in learning how the editorial process supports the transmission of knowledge and ideas.”

Dr Kost serves as core faculty in the University of Washington's Underserved Pathway program that helps prepare students to care for vulnerable and underserved populations. She also is the adviser for the UW Family Medicine Interest Group, directs the preclinical family medicine preceptorship, and provides general advising for students interested in family medicine.

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