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2017 Poetry and Prose Contest Winners Announced

May 16, 2017—The Ethics and Humanities Collaborative presented the 2017 STFM Annual Poetry and Prose Contest awards at the STFM Annual Spring Conference. The theme of this year's contest was: "A patient story or family medicine moment that inspired you."  

The award winners are for the poetry category are:

  • First Place: Gayle B. Thomas, MD,  for “Farm Worker” 
  • Second Place: Margaret Keenan, PhD. for  “Miss Ruby” 

The award winners are for the prose categary are:

  • First Place: Jessica P. Platt, MD,  for  “Code Status”
  • Second Place: 2. Andrea Gordon MD, for “Doe Eyes"

The winners of the contest read their works at the Annual Poetry and Prose Reading at the STFM Annual Spring Conference. The first place winners received a $100 prize, and the second winner $50 prize. The contest will re-open early next year for the 2018 Poetry and Prose Contest.

STFM would like to thank Hugh Silk, MD MPH, Adam Saperstein, CDR, MC, USN, Lucille Marchand, MD, BSN, FAAHPM, and Jo Marie Reilly, MD, for serving as contest judges this year.

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