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STFM to Address the Shortage of High-Quality Community Preceptors

May 13, 2016—The Society of Teachers of Family is bringing together a wide range of people with diverse perspectives and areas of expertise to develop an action plan to address the shortage of high-quality family medicine community preceptors. A ½ day summit, chaired by Beat Steiner, MD, will convene health system leaders, family medicine organization representatives, clerkship directors, community preceptors, physicians who do not precept, students, residents, and others.

Attendees of the Summit to Address the Shortage of High-Quality Family Medicine Community Preceptors will meet August 26 and 27 in Kansas City to develop a plan to achieve two aims:

  • Decrease the percentage of allopathic family medicine clerkship directors who report difficulty finding clinical preceptor sites from 47% to 35% by 2020
  • Increase the percentage of students completing clerkships at high-functioning sites

“Family medicine, as well as other specialties, struggles to find placement for students,” said Dr Steiner. “Physicians have become so busy that they feel like they just can’t fit students into their already overloaded schedules.” Dr Steiner says increasing competition for a limited number of training sites, physician burnout, and dated practice models are also factors in the shortage of high-quality training sites. “A summit provides an opportunity to bring together those who understand the problem and have power to make change.”

This summit addresses Family Medicine for America’s Health’s Workforce Education and Development Core Team’s task of identifying, developing, and disseminating resources for community preceptors. Watch for outcomes from the summit this fall.

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