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Task Force Provides Update on Residency Accreditation Toolkit Progress

March 26, 2014—The STFM Task Force has spent the first half of 2014 developing user-friendly tools, templates, checklists, modules, lectures, and other resources that residency programs will need to succeed in the Next Accreditation System environment and with the new Program Requirements that both become active on July 1, 2014. The new outcomes-based accreditation process will be a drastic change, and residency programs across the country are preparing to transition to a continuous accreditation process.

As we all continue to evolve our programs into the future of the NAS, we hope that this toolkit serves as a helpful reference for your journey,” said Residency Accreditation Task Force Chair Ted Epperly, MD.

The STFM Task Force has focused on these following areas of toolkit development:

  1. Milestones: Information, Reporting, Mapping, and Gap Analysis Tools
  2. Milestones Assessment and Evaluation Tools
  3. Clinical Competency Committee and How to Make This Hum
  4. Residents in Difficulty and Using the CCC
  5. New FM Program Requirements and Toolkit Items to Help Meet These
  6. Technology: Needs Assessment, Tools, Applications
  7. Milestones Vignettes for Program Use
  8. Faculty Development: Milestones, Direct Observation, Feedback, Entrusted Professional Activities Tools
  9. Faculty Survey and Tips on How To Use This
  10. Scholarly Activity—What Counts and What Does Not
  11. Residency Coordinators: Tips, Glossary, and How to Get All of This in ADS and Still Keep Your Sanity
  12. Self-Study and PEC Tools
  13. Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Visits and Tools for Success
  14. Change Management and Change Fatigue Modules
  15. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Accreditation

The toolkit will also feature a section of lessons learned that will include best practices from several programs that were involved in the alpha- and beta-testing of the Milestones. One of those programs was Mount Carmel Family Medicine Residency in Columbus, OH. “We were excited about the Milestones and wanted to learn more about them before the required implementation date,” said Tim Graham, MD, director of curriculum and research. “We wanted the opportunity to refine our processes ahead of the rollout.” Dr Graham says the beta testing help them identify gaps in their forms and processes and feels that his program is now well prepared for the Next Accreditation System.

A preconference workshop will be held at the STFM Annual Spring Conference to preview the Residency Accreditation Toolkit and update attendees on the task force’s progress. After launch of the toolkit, faculty development will be available both through online modules and live events, such as STFM’s On The Road Workshops. 

Residency Accreditation Task Force members include: Ted Epperly, MD; Brandy Deffenbacher, MD; Timothy Graham, MD; Beth Anne Fox, MD; Jeff Haney, MD; Barbara Joyce, PhD; Tina Kenyon, ACSW; Richard Neill, MD; Judith Pauwels, MD; Erika Ringdahl, MD; Fred Miser, MD, Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors Liaison, and Stan Kozakowski, MD, Residency Program Solutions Liaison.

Once complete, the toolkit will be hosted on the website under Resources. The timeline for completion of the toolkit is approximately July 2014, although many items will be live on the site as early as May.

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