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Learn to Recognize and Put Your Leadership Power Into Action at the STFM Annual Spring Conference
March 13, 2015—Jeri Hepworth, PhD, and John Franko, MD, will team up to lead interactive sessions about leadership and advancing change at the STFM Annual Spring Conference in Orlando on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

“STFM is innovative because any time people go to a medical education event, they all talk about the need for interactive learning, but they themselves give lectures,” says Dr Hepworth, “and STFM continues to be a leader by doing it!”

The need for excellent interactive learning experiences is why Dr Hepworth teamed up with Dr Franko. The idea of a two-part interactive session started out when Dr Hepworth was looking for a way to have attendees get time to “firm up” what she would teach. She knew Dr Franko through his leadership in academic family medicine organizations and knew he’d be the right partner to help her demonstrate how in a short time people can engage others and enact a plan for change.

“I really respect his ability to lead others,” she shared. She also cited his experience as the STFM Leading Change Task Force Chair as being the perfect person to lead the workshop following her talk.

Dr Hepworth will kick off the interactive sessions in the morning with “Be the Change! Appreciating Our Leadership Contributions,” where attendees will learn about the core leadership principles for effective change management and how to identify opportunities to incorporate leadership behaviors into their programs, practices, and institutions.

Dr Franko will follow in the afternoon with the hands-on workshop, “Activate the Change: Taking Change From Thought to Action.” Workshop attendees will develop plans to make change happen, and will receive feedback from and brainstorm ideas with others.

Dr Franko revealed three of the key leadership principles from Dr Hepworth’s session that will be used in his workshop: “speak the truth with kindness and integrity, lead by inspiration and example, and leadership is everyone’s responsibility.”

At the completion of the two sessions, attendees will have created a personalized plan of action to incorporate leadership behaviors and changes into their work environments.

Dr Hepworth is the director of Medical Education at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and co-director of the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation. She is a past-president of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and served as chair for the Council for Academic Family Medicine. She is co-author of four books: Medical Family Therapy, The Shared Experience of Illness, Family Oriented Primary Care, and Medical Family Therapy and Integrated Care.

Dr Franko is the chair in the Department of Family Medicine at East Tennessee State University and 20-year member of STFM. He was on the development/oversight committee for the STFM Emerging Leaders Fellowship and is chair of the STFM Leading Change Task Force. Dr. Franko has taught leadership theory for over 15 years. He is a recognized authority on the teaching of information mastery and has developed innovative ways to use evidence-based medicine and the electronic medical record to improve resident training and clinical care through a focus on information mastery.

 The STFM Annual Spring Conference is April 25–29, 2015 in Orlando. To register for the conference, visit

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