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Serve on the 2019 STFM Board of Directors

June 13, 2018—The STFM Nominations Committee is accepting self-nominations for the 2019 positions on the STFM Board of Directors: 1) president-elect, 2) member at large, and 3) Council of Faculty and Academic Societies representative to the Association of American Medical Colleges. All have 3-year terms. Read the full job descriptions and expectations.

The Nominations Committee considers many factors when selecting candidates, including: 
  1. Specific perspectives and expertise desired for optimal Board performance, such as, leadership experience, critical thinking, and vision
  2. Unique expertise of the individual
  3. A commitment to represent the interests of STFM and its membership over personal interests
  4. A history of STFM involvement
  5. Diversity in a broad sense—gender, age, degree, race, ethnicity, role, geography, etc. 
Over a series of several meetings, the Nominations Committee will review the applications of those who self-nominate this year, others who have self-nominated in the past 3 years, as well as names/applications maintained on a roster of potential future leaders. Per the STFM bylaws, the Nominations Committee recommends to the membership a slate of candidates for the open Board positions. Those candidates on the slate submit a personal history, position statement, answers to leadership questions, and a short video. These materials are shared with all STFM members eligible to vote. The bylaws require a membership vote on the slate.



The deadline for applications for consideration for the 2019 Board positions is August 13, 2018. If interested, send a photo and this completed form to Pat Lodge at 

The Nominations Committee will confirm candidates by January 1, 2019. Individuals who self-nominated will receive notification of the committee’s decisions shortly after these confirmations are made.

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