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STFM Seeks Student and Resident Representatives
June 14, 2015—STFM is seeking both a student and resident representative to the STFM Board of Directors. Both are 1-year terms with the option to renew. The representatives are elected at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) National Conference on July 30, 2015. 

The representatives serve as the student and resident perspective to the STFM Board of Directors, and are functioning, but non-voting, members of the board. The 1-year term runs September 1, 2015—August 31, 2016. Representatives must be available to attend STFM Board meetings (four per year) and the 2016 AAFP National Conference. The time commitment for each position is approximately 15-20 days (includes weekends) for travel and attendance at meetings.

Representatives benefit from opportunities to bolster and demonstrate their leadership skills, to be mentored by academic family medicine leaders, and to showcase their passions and career interests in family medicine. 

Candidates must submit their candidates materials (PDF) to Angela Wasson at the AAFP by July 29. 

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