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Serve on the STFM Board of Directors

June 11, 2015—STFM is accepting self-nominations for the 2016 president-elect and member-at-large positions on the STFM Board of Directors. Both have 3-year terms. Read the full job descriptions and expectations (PDF).

The Nominations Committee considers many factors when selecting candidates, including 1) specific anticipated perspectives and expertise needed on the Board, eg, visionary thinkers, residency directors, young faculty, 2) unique expertise of the individual, 3) ability to represent the organization’s needs over personal interests, 4) critical thinking skills, 5) history of STFM involvement, and 6) diversity in the broadest sense, gender, age, degree, ethnicity, role, geography, etc. 

Over a series of several meetings, the Nominations Committee will review the applications of those who self-nominate this year, others who have self-nominated in the past 3 years, and names that are put forward and maintained on a roster of potential future leaders. Per the STFM bylaws, the Nominations Committee selects a slate and offers these names to the STFM members eligible to vote. Those who are selected for the slate will be asked to submit a position statement, answers to leadership questions, and a short video, which will be shared with the STFM membership.

The deadline for applications for consideration for the 2016 Board positions is August 10, 2015. If interested, send a photo and completed nomination form (Word Doc) to Pat Lodge at 

The Nominations Committee will confirm candidates by January 1, 2016. Individuals who self-nominated will receive notification of the committee’s decisions shortly after these confirmations are made.

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