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Emily Walters Joins STFM as Writer/Project Manager

July 14, 2015—Emily Walters has been hired as STFM’s writer/project manager. In this position, Emily assists with the development, implementation, and evaluation of new projects and initiatives and develops copy for marketing STFM products and services. 

"I look forward to helping STFM create online education courses for both residency faculty and preceptors," said Emily. "I will be writing and editing curriculum resources for STFM members, and I'm eager to learn more about the challenges of training and educating family medicine practitioners." 

Emily has extensive experience in academic environments working at public libraries and a museum where she managed curation, research, technology implementations, and customer interactions.

"I'm very excited to apply my background as a librarian toward writing and researching for STFM. From the front lines of a public reference desk, I've witnessed the crucial role of clear content in making effective educational resources. Now I will be able to apply these experiences toward creating health care curriculum that is dynamic and compelling."

Emily can be reached at 800-274-7928, ext. 5424 and at

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