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Malachi O’Connor, PhD, to Give Insights on Family Medicine's Past, Present, and Future at the 2015 STFM Annual Spring Conference

February 27, 2015—Malachi O’Connor, PhD, will speak about the past, present, and future of family medicine in his general session, “A Brief Ethnography of Family Medicine—Three Stories,” at the STFM Annual Spring Conference in Orlando on Monday, April 27, 2015.

Dr O’Connor will present three family medicine stories, one of a family physician at the time of the birth of the specialty, around 1969; the second a family physician working today, and the third will be with a family medicine resident in 2025. These stories will help attendees see how key themes and issues facing the specialty have changed over time, while others remain as fresh and central to family medicine in 2025 as they were in 1969.  

"Dr O’Connor is a trained folklorist and organizational consultant. His perspective on the state of family medicine, our future, and culture will be captivating to hear,” says Tom Vansaghi, PhD, chief development officer of the STFM Foundation.  Dr O’Connor was chosen by the Foundation as this year’s Blanchard Memorial lecturer because of his work with CFAR in the Family Medicine for America’s Health initiative

As Vice President and Principal of CFAR, Dr O’Connor uses his skills as an ethnographer to help organizations implement systemic changes that preserve cultural values and improve performance and productivity. CFAR, a private management consulting firm, is leading the strategic planning process for Family Medicine for America’s Health initiative, working closely with STFM and the seven other family medicine organizations.

Dr O’Connor is the most recent in a prestigious list of Blanchard Memorial Lecture speakers. The Blanchard Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the STFM Foundation, was established in 1979 in memory of Leland Blanchard, MD. Dr Blanchard was a major contributor to the development of family medicine and was a charter member of STFM.

The STFM Annual Spring Conference is April 25–29, 2015 in Orlando. To register for the conference, visit

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