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Ryan Jackman, MD, Receives $20,000 Substance Abuse and Addiction Training Award

February 11, 2016—Ryan Jackman, MD, from St Mary’s Family Medicine Residency in Grand Junction, CO, is the recipient of the STFM-NIDA Training Award in Substance Abuse and Addiction. This award supports the development of expertise in substance abuse and addiction within academic family medicine. 

When asked about receiving the award, Dr Jackman said he was "most excited to address the need for increased addiction medicine services, particularly in rural settings, and to do so by working to integrate the specialty of addiction medicine into that of family medicine.”

Dr Jackman is an Addiction Medicine Fellow in the year-long University of Colorado Addiction Medicine Fellowship. The award will be used to implement a project titled, “Improving Addiction Medicine Education in Family Medicine Residencies: A Comparative Study of Tele-Health and Standard Educational Modalities.” Dr Jackman will work with his mentor, Patricia Pade, MD, director of the University of Colorado’s Addiction Medicine Fellowship. 

“The project hopes to accomplish three things,” says Dr Jackman. “First, the project aims to address residency education on the subject of addiction medicine, in hopes of better preparing new family physicians to identify and treat substance use disorder, particularly opioid use disorder, in the outpatient setting. Through a pre-assessment, didactic/clinical experience, and post-assessment model, the project hopes to evaluate changes in physician knowledge and confidence in addressing substance use disorders. Second, the project aims to increase access to treatment, particularly in a semi-rural setting. Next, the project plans to assess whether or not tele-health is an effective educational model for resident education when compared to current practices. The hope is that this project will not only show that tele-health is effective, but that the project might create a model for implementation of tele-health education that would benefit rural education sites and physicians without access to addiction medicine services.” The results of his project will be presented at a future STFM Annual Spring Conference.

This is the second time STFM has partnered with NIDA on this award to promote knowledge of evidence-based substance abuse and addiction treatment within family medicine and facilitate the academic growth, advanced education, and development of future scientists in the field of drug abuse and addiction. 

Dustin DeYoung, MD, and Lara Ilyas, MD, recipients of this award in 2014, will be presenting their projects at the 2016 STFM Annual Spring Conference on May 1 from 1:15-2:15 pm. Dr DeYoung’s poster title is “Computer-Assisted Delivery of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Acceptability and Feasibility of CBT4CBT in Patients Receiving Outpatient Pharmacotherapy for Opioid or Alcohol Use Disorders.” Dr Ilyas’ poster title is “CareText, an Automated SBIRT Follow-Up Application With Motivation Interviewing Messages About Sobriety."

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