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STFM Launches New Website

February 10, 2014—STFM launches a new website designed to create a better online experience for members. This new website is paired with a new association management system that will allow STFM staff to improve efficiencies in day-to-day activities and help members get the information they need more quickly.

Some of the improvements of the new site include:

  • Family Medicine Journal: This has received a major upgrade. Full text articles (no longer just PDFs) are now available for 2013 and 2014. You can search for articles, download pdfs, print, and find other articles by the author. Older issues will be uploaded soon.
  • Navigation: The site has been reorganized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Many resources appear in multiple sections. From the home page, you can quickly access resources for residency programs, medical schools, new faculty, and/or residents and students.
  • Printing: Click on the printer link at the top of any page to print.
  • Search functionality: Search the entire site or within a section.
  • Online sales history: Members can check their profile page to track payments for conference registrations, memberships, and products.  Also, when registering for a conference, renewing memberships, or making a purchase, members will now be emailed a receipt.
  • Individual URLs for conference abstracts: Members can link from CV (or other documents and web pages) to online abstracts for conference presentations.
  • Conference submission: Submissions can be saved at any point in the process and continued at a later time, allowing for more time to gather information or edit the submission.
  • Conference registration: An administrative assistant or other office personnel can now register faculty for STFM conferences. Members don’t have to log in and do it themselves, saving them time.
  • Conference disclosures/conflicts of interest: Members will only need to complete one of these per conference, rather than one per presentation. STFM will also keep each member's disclosure on file for a year, so they can just affirm that it's current (or make edits), rather than starting from scratch each time.
  • Mobile access: The new site is much more mobile-friendly than the old site, and more enhancements to this functionality are scheduled over the next month.

For extra help navigating the new website, watch the following targeted tutorials:

Members are encouraged to email STFM with any feedback or suggestions.

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