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fmCASES Seeks Associate Editors

December 9, 2015–The Family Medicine Computer-Assisted Simulations for Educating Students (fmCASES) is seeking associate editors. Associate editors serve a 2-year term, are responsible for editing up to seven cases, and are expected to attend the two Editorial Board meetings each year. 


fmCASES is a set of online, virtual patient cases that lead medical students through the full breadth and depth of family medicine. These cases build clinical competency, fill educational gaps, and help instill the core values and attitudes of family medicine. They foster self-directed and independent study, build clinical problem-solving skills, and teach an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to care. The virtual patient cases encompass the learning objectives of STFM's National Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring that the cases in the associate editor’s section:
    • Remain appropriately aligned with the STFM National Clerkship Curriculum (maximizing coverage and minimizing redundancy of STFM curricular objectives)
    • Utilize effective computer-assisted instruction as defined by MedU
    • Are accurate and up-to-date
  2. Directing updates to be made by each case reviewer (one per case)
  3. Mentoring and contributing to the work of the case reviewers
  4. Working with the MedU Editorial Staff to implement case updates and revisions
  5. Providing input to the fmCASES Editorial Board on possible improvement and/or innovation within fmCASES
  6. Assisting with recruitment of associate editors as needed
  7. Serving as fmCASES ambassadors to STFM membership: developing and presenting workshops, conducting and presenting research, attending national meetings, etc.


  • Must be an active member of STFM
  • Having served as an fmCASES case author or reviewer is desirable


The period of service is 2 years, with two renewable terms at the discretion of the fmCASES editor-in-chief.


There is no application deadline. If interested, contact the fmCASES Editor-in-Chief David Anthony, MD, MSc, or Senior Course Director Shuo Leong.

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