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Sam Grammer Joins STFM as Publications Specialist

April 11, 2017—Sam Grammer has been hired as STFM's publications specialist. In this position, Sam is responsible for the copy-editing and layout for the Society's two journals: Family Medicine and PRiMER (Peer-reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research), as well as additional writing and editing.

Sam has extensive experience in publishing and medical literature. He has previously worked for the National Library of Medicine, where he helped to grow and develop a database of medical books.

"I've long had a fascination with literature, and decided about 15 years ago to learn the in's and out's of what's involved in getting great ideas out of minds and into the hands of those who can benefit from them. That's what I understand academic publishing to be, and I'm grateful to have worked on some very interesting projects over the years.  I'll always remember getting the first warehouse copy of a book I'd helped to edit in my first publishing job years ago. That was probably the moment I had decided to pursue publishing as a career."

Sam is looking forward to working closely with a new community of scholars and researchers, and to use his experience in literary and publishing technology to continue to advance STFM's journals.

Sam can be reached at 800-274-7928, ext. 5408 and at

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