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Dennis Baker, PhD, Named Editor
August 13, 2014—Dennis Baker, PhD, has been selected as the editor for the online precepting resource, His 3-year term began this month.

“Maintaining and promoting the vision of is an opportunity I will address with great passion,” said Dr Baker. He will work with Brian Hischier, STFM manager of online education and Mary Theobald, STFM vice president of communications and programs, to implement the next phase of development. 

During his term Dr Baker will work with staff to expand and enhance the content at, ensuring its accuracy and applicability to preceptors. He will also promote the vision of through presentations at STFM conferences.  

Launched in 2012, streamlines training, answers questions, and communicates regularly with preceptors on behalf of medical schools and residency programs. There are currently more than 15,000 preceptors subscribed to the online resource.

 “Working with community-based preceptors has been my passion for more than 30 years,” said Dr Baker. “Community preceptors provide the foundation of clinical education for most medical schools, and thus they are a resource to be appreciated and nurtured.”

Dr Baker has worked with community preceptors at three osteopathic and one allopathic institution. He also has experience creating faculty development resources in print, online modules, and on the web.

Dr Baker is a longstanding STFM member and has served in many leadership positions. He earned a PhD in curriculum and instruction from the University of Florida and has more than 35 years experience in faculty and curriculum development. As associate dean for Faculty Development at the Florida State University College of Medicine (FSUCOM) he created a statewide faculty development program for the more than 2,000 community-based preceptors in the regional campus system. In 2011, the LCME listed the program as one of five major strengths of FSUCOM. Now retired from FSUCOM, he seeks emeritus status with the school and consults with allopathic and osteopathic schools as a presenter in the STFM On the Road Program.

“STFM has given me a lot over the years including a professional identity and a ‘sense of place’ in medical education,” said Dr Baker. “For this I am grateful and view the editor position as an opportunity to give back while continuing my personal and professional development.”

For more information about and other online learning offerings, visit or contact Brian Hischier. 

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