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Education Column Submissions

Do you have an educational innovation you would like to share with the membership of STFM? Maybe you’ve implemented a particularly successful medical student curriculum or made well-received changes to aspects of your residency educational structure or produced a helpful faculty development session. If you have a great idea or experience to share, consider submitting an article for the STFM Education Column. These articles are published monthly and sent to all STFM members electronically via the STFM Messenger – the official news publication of STFM. And although they are not indexed, they are peer-reviewed.

What makes a good STFM Education Column?

As the name suggests, the column should have something to do with education and family medicine.However, columns reporting innovations, experiences, or reflections at all levels of family medicine education are desired – from pre-medical experiences all the way up to faculty development.Good columns are succinct (about 600 words) yet describe innovations or experiences that have the potential to be widely adoptable by readers. Furthermore, they typically include a few references and possibly a few resources for people looking for additional information on the topic.

The target audience (medical students, residents, mid-career faculty, etc) should be clear, as should the description of the experience itself. If a figure, table, or bulleted or numbered list helps in getting the point across, please include them. 

What can you expect when you submit a column?

You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of the column and within 6 weeks you will receive written feedback about your column from at least two peer reviewers. Upon successful revision on your column, we will let you know the expected month of publication. The final version of your column must be complete at least 1 month prior to publication.

We look forward to your submissions. If you are interested in submitting or have questions, email the Education Column Editors, Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH and Kala Yedavally, DO.


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