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STFM Learners Blog Competition

Students and residents are encouraged to participate in the STFM Learners Blog Competition.

The post with the most recognition on social media and number of page views will win a $300 gift card.

Submission Instructions and Deadline

The competition will reopen in the fall of 2018.

Judging and Winner Determination

  1. All entries will be screened for compliance with eligibility requirements, basic writing quality, and conformance with the prescribed topic. 
  2. The blog posts of the three finalists will be posted on the STFM blog, and the first place winner will be chosen based on social media engagement (shares, likes and favorites on social media sites), and overall traffic to and number of comments on the blog post in a 1-month period.


First place winner will receive a $300 gift card. Remaining two finalists will receive a $150 gift card.


Student, Resident, and Fellow Finalists

Finalists from the 2017 competition:

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