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The STFM Blog provides an opportunity for members, staff, and leaders to share opinions, ideas, perspectives, and innovations. The Blog also gives readers an opportunity to comment/get involved in the conversation. Consider writing for the blog and:

  • Share ideas that will help members do their jobs more effectively
  • Educate the community about the importance and innovativeness of family medicine education
  • Get others interested in causes that matter to you and to the future of family medicine; start a movement!

Writing Guidelines for the STFM Blog

If you are writing for the STFM Blog, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Establish a voice—show your personality (this is not a journal article)
  • Be original
  • Have one specific reader or community in mind who will think your content is useful (think about how what you’re writing will help the people you want to reach)
  • Keep in mind that a blog is about connecting and conversing with people
  • Have/voice an opinion; it's okay to be a little controversial
  • Ideal blog length is 450-700 words, but longer is okay

STFM members interested in serving as a guest blogger should contact Sarah Eggers.

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