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Immunization Education

The goals of the Group on Immunization Education (GIE) are to (1) promote education about vaccine-preventable diseases, (2) promote education about immunizations utilized to prevent these diseases, (3) improve methods to implement immunization recommendations following advice from the ACIP and AAFP uniform vaccination schedules, (4) facilitate the development and dissemination of educational resources on immunizations and implementation, and (5) enhance the dissemination of new vaccine recommendations and information about vaccine products to family medicine educators and practitioners. 

The STFM GIE maintains a website,, to disseminate information about recent national meetings and vaccines and policy changes to interested faculty, residents, and practitioners, stressing new vaccine recommendations. The GIE develops review articles on immunizations and methods to increase immunization rates and does original vaccine research. Clinical scenarios to assist in teaching about vaccines are available at the website. Members frequently lecture and are encouraged to provide lecture materials for our website. Future plans are to improve relationships with vaccine producers to improve education for practitioners about the best vaccines to incorporate into their practices and to develop educational materials to encourage greater compliance with vaccination recommendations. The GIE websitewww.immunizationed.orglinks to other educational and informational websites. The GIE also seeks grants to develop immunization education materials. Current granting organizations include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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