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STFM Project Fund

This fund encourages STFM Collaboratives and Special Project Teams to plan, develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate findings from educationally-related scholarly projects. The outcomes of the project should benefit members, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and the discipline of family medicine. 

The Foundation generally allocates $20,000-$30,000 annually to the STFM Project Fund. Preference will be given to applications in which a student, resident, or new faculty (7 years or less in a faculty role) has a significant role in the planning and execution of the project and/or initiative. The program is coordinated by the STFM Executive Committee.

Funding Details

Projects are funded for a maximum of 2 years, and funding is not renewable. Funds may be budgeted in the categories below. Indirect costs are not provided.

  • Required equipment (e.g., a laptop computer) and supplies (e.g., photocopying).
  • Travel (e.g., funds to present project outcomes at STFM meetings and/or attend project team meetings).
  • Personnel (e.g., to purchase a statistical consultant's time). Funds for faculty and/or staff release time must be contributed "in-kind" by departments/programs.
  • Production and technical support.

A project may be funded for 1 or 2 years at one of the two levels below:

  • Full Funding: A few proposals of exceptional quality and potential impact may be funded up to $10,000 total.
  • Seed Money: To support projects up to $5,000 total.

Proposals at either funding level must have matching in-kind contributions for personnel (e.g., faculty and/or staff), equipment, and/or supplies. The project PI must submit a semi-annual and an annual written project report to the STFM Executive Director until the project is completed. Funds are disbursed as follows:

  • 2-Year Award – ½ upon award, ½ upon receipt of each annual report
  • 1-Year Award – ½ upon award, ½ upon receipt of semi-annual report
  • The entity agreeing to receive and administer the grant funds must be listed in the grant proposal. Grant awards are disbursed as lump payments to no more than two entities per approved project. Those entities are responsible for distributing the funds in accordance with the proposal and for accounting reports. Grant funds may be disbursed by the STFM Foundation to for-profit or to not-for-profit entities. Examples of acceptable entities are institutional foundations, departments of family medicine, and family medicine clinics.

Any unspent dollars from projects must be returned to the STFM Foundation.

Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

Any STFM Collaborative or Special Project Team may submit a proposal for funding. Proposals must follow the format shown on the application form and be submitted electronically to Pat Lodge by November 1.

Proposals that would conduct a survey must be coordinated with CERA (CAFM Education Research Alliance).

The STFM Executive Committee will fund selected proposals at one of the levels stated above. Proposals will be assessed using the Proposal Rating Form. Principal Investigators will be notified about the funding decision on February 15, and funds will be dispersed by March 1. The project period runs from March 1 – February 28. Principal investigators of funded proposals must submit a progress report to the STFM Executive Director on September 1 of the project period, and at 6-month intervals until the final report due by March 20 in the year of completion.

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