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New Faculty Scholars Award

This award is designed to be a catalyst for developing future leaders in STFM and other areas of academic family medicine. The program provides scholarships to the STFM Annual Spring Conference for STFM members who have served at least 2 years but no more than 4 years as full-time faculty and who exhibit outstanding leadership potential. Since its inception in 1988, this program has supported the attendance of 135 new faculty at this conference. Attendance at national meetings is one way to help develop leaders and leadership skills.

The award is for up to $2,000 to cover travel and hotel expenses for attendance at the conference.The registration fees for the conference and for the preconference are waived.

“I received the New Faculty Scholars Award in 1998. My first trip to the STFM Annual Spring Conference, made possible by that award, was truly memorable. I met people who have become wonderful friends and mentors for over a decade. I attended a variety of conference workshops that provided me with a broad perspective on and appreciation of the educational, research, and clinical activities of my colleagues. Perhaps most importantly, I was inspired to make a contribution to family medicine beyond the day-to-day requirements of my residency faculty position. I became active in several STFM groups, eventually became a Group Chair, and have led several major STFM projects including Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum. I’ve developed the skills and received the mentorship that has allowed me to become a much better educator and clinician though my association with STFM."

—Alan Douglass, MD, Program Director, 
Middlesex Hospital FMR, Middletown, CT

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  • Be a current member of STFM. Preference will be given to individuals who have shown active engagement in STFM. This could be demonstrated by being part of an active STFM group and/or presenting at an STFM conference. These should be noted on the applicant's CV.
  • Be a full-time faculty member (at least .8 FTE) at a family medicine department or family medicine residency program and employed in academic family medicine for a minimum of 2 years and no more than 4 years at time of application deadline.
  • Not currently be a full-time fellow. Applicants may be involved in part-time fellowships as long as they are full-time faculty.
  • Make a presentation at the STFM Annual Spring Conference that scholars are attending as a result of the award. If the scholar’s presentation was not accepted through the call for papers process, the scholar will present at a breakfast roundtable.
  • Arrive 1 day early to the Annual Spring Conference to attend a preconference session of choice.
  • Attend all designated Foundation functions for New Faculty Scholar winners at the Annual Spring Conference
  • Complete a report shortly following the conference and 2 years following receipt of the award.

Application Requirements

Applications are due November 18. Applicants should compile the items below and send electronically to Pat Lodge.

  • The applicant’s up-to-date CV and photo
  • A completed application form (Word)
  • A letter from the applicant’s chair or program director stating (1) the applicant’s potential for career advancement and leadership in academic family medicine and (2) the department’s or program’s assurance that the applicant will fulfill all New Faculty Scholar expectations, if selected.

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