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Faculty for Tomorrow Campaign

The STFM Foundation is raising funds to assist in the recruitment and retention of family medicine faculty. 

The Foundation has received a $75,000 grant from the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation to support the initiative, as well as many generous donations from the STFM members. To support this vital mission, donate here.

What’s the problem?

There is a shortage of faculty in family medicine. There are challenges with both recruitment and retention of sufficient numbers of family medicine faculty. Identified reasons for this are:

  • Substantial salary differential between private practice and academic practice. 
  • Lack of institutional support for faculty time: increasing hours, stagnating salaries.
  • Perception that you have to go into private practice before becoming faculty.
  • There aren’t enough family physicians, so there’s not a big base to pull from.

What’s the solution?

Faculty for Tomorrow is a 2-year initiative focusing on strategies to: 

  • Expand STFM’s formal faculty recruiting efforts of residents.
  • Provide resources and training for new faculty, including those moving from private practice to family medicine education.
  • Identify and support young family physicians with leadership potential.
  • Ensure leaders of institutions understand the time and competencies required to be faculty.

What's being done? 

The Faculty for Tomorrow Task Force, chaired by Stoney Abercrombie, MD, is currently working on:

  • A series of eight webinars on academic medicine for residents, fellows, and new faculty
  • Full day preconference workshops at the 2016 & 2017 STFM Annual Spring Conferences for residents interested in becoming faculty
  • Online modules for residents as teachers, new medical school faculty and community doctors transitioning to faculty positions (The STFM GME Committee is working on modules for new residency faculty)
  • A promotional/educational campaign to drive interest in teaching
  • A residents as teachers curriculum for use at residency programs or regional events for residents
  • Communication about what it means and what it takes to be residency/medical school faculty

Donate now to Faculty for Tomorrow (designate your donation for the campaign).

Faculty for Tomorrow is supported by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation and the STFM Foundation. 

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