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Gifts Made in Honor/Memory Of


In Honor of: 
Ed Shahady                                      
Given By: 
Michael Petrizzi, MD

In Memory of: 
Sara Lee Seeley                                
Given By:
Carol Hustedde, PhD


In Honor of:

Dennis Baker

Larry Bauer

Lucy Candib

Amanda Carek

Andrew Carek

Bryan Carek

Patricia Carek

Stephen Carek

Vivian Carek

Stanley Erney, MD

Betsy Garrett

Dana Greco

Peter Lewis, MD

Joel Merenstein

Donald Middleton

Fred Miser, MD

Chris Reif MD

Ray Rosetta

Julie Schirmer

Ed Shahady

Ron Silver

Joan Silver

Justine Strand de Oliveira

Deborah Taylor, PhD

Deborah Taylor, PhD

Robert Taylor

Judy Washington


STFM's 50th Anniversary

My students and residents                 

Given By: 

Kenya Sekoni, MSc, MD, FAAFP

Sam Zager, MD, M.Phil

Sara Shields, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Peter Carek, MD, MS

Patricia Darcy, MSW

Susan Cochella, MD, MPH

J. Mack Worthington, MD

David Richard, MD

Christine Alexander-Rager, MD

Richard Zimmerman, MSc, MD, MPH, MA

Linda Stone, MD

Allyson Brotherson, MD

Dana Greco, CAE

Randall Reitz, PhD

Daniel Ostergaard, MD

Lorraine Wallace, PhD

Lorraine Wallace, PhD

Viviana Martinez-Bianchi,MD

Randall Reitz, PhD

Janelle Von Bargen, PhD

Leanne Chrisman-Khawam, MD, MEd

Lucy Candib, MD

Dana Brandenburg, PsyD

Deborah Taylor, PhD

Elisabeth Wilson, MD, MEd, MPH  

In Memory of:

Marian Bishop, PhD

Edna Brown

Jewell Fox

Lynn Carmichael

Lynn Carmichael

Robert LeBow, MD

Thelma Penn

Roger Rosenblatt, MD, MPH, MFR    

Ann Sinclair

Jack Rodnick

Paul Young

Given by:

Nikitas Zervanos,MD

Joedrecka Brown Speights, MD

Beth Fox, MD, MPH

Donald Ransom, PhD 

Kathleen Klink, MD

David Keahey, MSPH, PAC

Mark Penn, MD, MBA

Larry Mauksch, MEd

John Muench, MD, MPH

Roger Sherwood, CAE

Barbara Thompson, MD  

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