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October 2017

Volume 49, Issue 9

From the Editor

Stuck in the Office

Special Article

Effects of a Brief Psychosocial Intervention on Inpatient Satisfaction: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Results of the 2017 National Resident Matching Program® and the American Osteopathic Association Intern/Resident Registration Program

Entry of Medical School Graduates Into Family Medicine Residencies: 2016–2017

Original Articles

Impact of Residency Training Redesign on Residents’ Clinical Knowledge

Perspectives of Family Medicine Clerkship Directors Regarding Forward Feeding: A CERA Study

Postgraduate Experiences With an Advanced Reproductive Health and Abortion Training and Leadership Program

Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Training Experience Among Family Medicine Residents and Faculty

Brief Reports

Electronic Health Record Impacts on Family Medicine Teachers: Survey of Third-Year Medical Student Clerkship Preceptors at an Academic Medical Center

Naloxone Counseling for Harm Reduction and Patient Engagement

Narrative Essays

Teaching Family Meeting Skills Makes a Difference

Book and Media Reviews

Office Care of Women

President's Column

She Died Alone

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