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June 2017

Volume 49, Issue 6


A Heavy Burden

Original Articles

Medical Student Perceptions of Their Education About Suffering

Integration of Clinical Pharmacists in Family Medicine Residency Programs

Untapped Potential: Performance of Procedural Skills in the Family Medicine Clerkship

Teaching Primary Care Genetics: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparison

Brief Reports

Examining Accuracy of Self-Assessment of In-Training Examination Performance in a Context of Guided Self-Assessment

Burnout and Depression in MS1 and MS3 Years: A Comparison of Cohorts at One Medical School

Exploring Residents’ Skills in Diagnosing Dementia: The Unexpected Dissonance Between Ability and Confidence

Do US Medical Licensing Applications Treat Mental and Physical Illness Equivalently?

The Marshall Family Medicine Residency twINTERN Schedule: The Impact of an Innovative Hospital Coverage Scheme on Resident Fatigue

Determinants of the 5-Year Retention and Rural Location of Family Physicians: Results from the Iowa Family Medicine Training Network

Narrative Essays

Give Me What’s in Your Heart

I Don’t Want to Know

Rethinking the “Black Cloud” of Medical Training

Book and Media Reviews

The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together

Agricultural Medicine, 2nd edition

Letters to the Editor

Agreement Between Family Medicine Residency Program Directors and Clerkship Directors Is Crucial to the Formation of the Next Generation of Physicians

President's Column

Shared Goals, Togetherness, Accountability, and Embracing Love

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