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June 2016

Volume 48, Issue 6

From the Editor

Looking for Trouble


Big Data Research Requires a Big Role for Primary Care

Original Articles

Poor Performance Among Trainees in a Dutch Postgraduate GP Training Program

CERA: Clerkships Need National Curricula on Care Delivery, Awareness of Their NCC Gaps

The State of Communication Education in Family Medicine Residencies

The Impact of Administrative Academic Units (AAU) Grants on the Family Medicine Research Enterprise in the United States

Family Physician Clinical Compensation in an Academic Environment: Moving Away From the Relative Value Unit

Brief Reports

Does a Vacation Break Impact the Outcomes of Required Clinical Clerkships?

Rotation in a Smoking Cessation Clinic Improves Nicotine Dependence Treatment Provided by First-Year Internal Medicine Trainees

Preparing Future Leaders: An Integrated Quality Improvement Residency Curriculum

Narrative Essays

Unsung Heroes Throughout the 2011 Fukushima Catastrophe

Book and Media Reviews

Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line

Spring Chicken: Staying Young Forever (Or Die Trying)


Letters to the Editor

Parenting During Residency

Response to "Parenting During Residency"

President's Column

How a Virus Made Me a Better Leader

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