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April 2016

Volume 48, Issue 4


Community Health Workers: An Important Method for Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Special Article

Community Health Workers and Family Medicine Resident Education: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Transitions of Care in Medical Education: A Compilation of Effective Teaching Methods

Original Articles

"Seeing the Patient Is the Joy:” A Focus Group Analysis of Burnout in Outpatient Providers

Finding the Perfect Match: Factors That Influence Family Medicine Residency Selection

The Importance of and the Complexities Associated With Measuring Continuity of Care During Resident Training: Possible Solutions Do Exist

Brief Reports

Meaningful Learning Moments on a Family Medicine Clerkship: When Students Are Patient Centered

Evaluating One Strategy for Including Reflection in Medical Education and Practice

Introduction of a Motivational Interviewing Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents

Attitudes and Barriers Encountered in Training Family Medicine Residents in Nursing Home Care: A National Survey of Program Directors: A CERA Study

Narrative Essays

Home Visits

Where Is My Future?

Book and Media Reviews

Where Learning Never Ends: Stories and Notes From the Life of a Teaching Physician

Brain Maker

On the Shoulders of Medicine’s Giants: What Today’s Clinicians Can Learn From Yesterday’s Wisdom

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