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January 2016

Volume 48, Issue 1

From the Editor



Guidelines: Deepening or Bridging the Quality Chasm?

Original Articles

Administration of the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine Via Telephone

Using Comprehensive Video-Module Instruction as an Alternative Approach for Teaching IUD Insertion

RU4PC? Texting to Quantify Feedback About Primary Care and Its Relationship With Student Career Interest

“I Don’t Want to Go Anywhere Else”: Patient Experiences of Abortion in Family Medicine

A Curriculum on Care for Complex Patients: Resident Perspectives

Brief Reports

Residency Curricula on Physician-Pharmaceutical Industry Interaction: A CERA Study

Long-Term Effects of a Health Literacy Curriculum for Medical Students

Third- and Fourth-Year Medical Students’ Changing Views of Family Medicine

Fourth-Year Medical Student Charting of Older Persons’ Cognitive and Functional Status

Narrative Essays

Remembrances and Refections: Global Health, Local Needs, and One Very Special Patient

Just Like Scales

Book and Media Reviews

WONCA Rural Medical Education Guidebook

Confessions of a Sin Eater: A Doctor’s Reflection

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