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September 2015

Volume 47, Issue 8

From the Editor

Family Medicine for America’s Health: A Special Issue of Family Medicine


Family Medicine’s Agenda to Make Health Primary

Special Article

Envisioning a New Health Care System for America

Partnering With Patients, Families, and Communities

A New Foundation for the Delivery and Financing of American Health Care

Transforming Training to Build the Family Physician Workforce Our Country Needs

A Family Medicine Health Technology Strategy for Achieving the Triple Aim for US Health Care

A Plan for Useful and Timely Family Medicine and Primary Care Research


Family Medicine for America’s Health and Escape Velocity

The Future of Family Medicine’s Role in American Medicine

Student and Resident Perspective: Family Medicine Is a Major Landmark on the Health Care Landscape

FMAHealth and Academic Family Medicine: On the Frontlines or on the Sidelines?

President's Column

Owning the FMAHealth Vision

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