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July-August 2014

Volume 46, Issue 7


Culture, Resources, or a Bit of Both: Increasing Scholarship in Family Medicine

Original Articles

A Mixed Studies Literature Review of Family Physicians' Participation in Research

Creating a Culture of Inquiry in Family Medicine

Brief Reports

Analysis of an Interprofessional Home Visit Assignment: Students Preceptions of Team-Based Care, Home Visits, and Medication-Related Problems

Training Family Medicine Residents in HIV Primary Care: A National Survey of Program Directors

Obesity Bias in Primary Care Providers

Performance of Third-Year Medical Students on a Rural Family Medicine Clerkship

Primary Care Residents Want to Learn About the Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Extent and Methods of Public Health Instruction in Family Medicine Clerkships

Narrative Essays

Compassion in Medicine

Running Away From Home

Tear-Stained Sepia

The Doctor and the Violin

Washing Dishes

Book and Media Reviews

Goldman’s Cecil Medicine

Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience

Managing Suicide Risk in Primary Care

Medical Family Therapy and Integrated Care

Letter's to the Editor

Reading Level: Not the Only Determinant of Readability

The Role of Compensating Community Preceptors in Family Medicine Clerkships

In Response. Paying Community Preceptors: The Roles of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards

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