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June 2014

Volume 46, Issue 6

From the Editor

Today's Family Medicine Clerkship

Original Articles

Exploring Interprofessional Education in the Family Medicine Clerkship: A CERA Study

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement in Family Medicine Student Clerkships: A CERA Study

STFM’s National Clerkship Curriculum: CERA Reveals Impact, Clerkship Director Needs

A New Clinical Skills Clerkship for Medical Students

Impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Clerkship Curriculum

Beta-Blockers and Depression in Elderly Hypertension Patients in Primary Care

Brief Reports

Needing a Nudge: The Effect of Encouragement on Submission Rates and Journal Selection

A Medical Student Leadership Course Led to Teamwork, Advocacy, and Mindfulness

Resident Duty Hour Changes: Impact in the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Increasing Family Medicine Scholarly Presentations and the Incidence of Duplicate Research Abstracts

Family Physicians' Suggestions to Improve Documentation, Coding, and Billing System: A Study From the Residency Research Network of Texas

Narrative Essays

First Do No Harm

Journeying Through Health Disparities—Two Family Physicians' Stories


Half-Pipe Headline

Book and Media Reviews

From Harvard to Hell…and Back: A Doctor’s Journey Through Addiction to Recovery

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

Seeking Sickness. Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease

Improving Medical Outcomes: The Psychology of Doctor-Patient Visits

President's Column

Transforming Health Care Through Education

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