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March 2014

Volume 46, Issue 3


Medical Education: What Are Students Paying For?

Original Articles

Do We Pay Our Community Preceptors? Results From a CERA Clerkship Directors' Study

Comparison of Textbook to fmCases on Family Medicine Clerkship Exam Performance

Development of Verbal HITS for Intimate Partner Violence Screening in Family Medicine

Health Disparities Training in Residency Programs in the United States

The Content of Family Medicine Physicians' Online Videos and Biographies

Brief Reports

Clinical Outcomes of Diabetic Patients at a Student-Run Free Clinic Project

Peer Mentorship in Student-Run Free Clinics: The Impact on Preclinical Education

Teaching Family in Family Medicine Residency Programs: Results of a National Survey

The Impact of 2011 Duty Hours Requirements on Family Medicine Residents

Narrative Essays

Memoirs of a Rural Virgin

Washing Feet and Clipping Toenails: The Servanthood of a Family Physician


Book and Media Reviews

The Health Care Handbook

Advice to the Healer, Second Edition

A Primer on Clinical Experience in Medicine: Reasoning, Decision Making, and Communication in Health Sciences

President's Column

Attending the Annual Meeting

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