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November-December 2014

Volume 46, Issue 10

From the Editor

Learner Evaluation

Original Articles

Multifaceted Assessment in a Family Medicine Clerkship: A Pilot Study

Trends in Patient Encounters: Implications for Family Medicine Clerkships

Effect of Lung Cancer Screening Awareness on Smoking Cessation Behavior

Contemporary Teaching Strategies of Exemplary Community Preceptors—Is Technology Helping?

When Learners Become Teachers: A Review of Peer Teaching in Medical Student Education

Brief Reports

Impact of Health Steps on Developmental Referral Rates

Mentorship in an Academic Department of Family Medicine

Self-Treatment and Informal Treatment for Depression Among Resident Physicians

Narrative Essays

My Hardened Heart

Going Gently: On Aging

Book and Media Reviews

Integrating Narrative Medicine and Evidence-Based Medicine: The Everyday Social Practice of Healing

In Awe of Being Human, A Doctor’s Stories From the Edge of Life and Death

Minor Emergencies, 3rd Edition

Letters to the Editor

Health Disparities Training in Residency Programs in the United States

Authors’ Reply to “Health Disparities Training in Residency Programs in the United States”

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